Will my Barcode Work at Every Store?

Our UPC barcodes are valid worldwide but, if you are selling with Walmart, Sam’s Club, Lowes, Home Depot, Kroger Family Grocery Stores, Macy Inc, Bloomingdales or Saks Fifth Ave you will need to go directly through their partnership company the GS1 to purchase a barcode membership program. Visit GS1.org for more information.   Ready to […]
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Need a CD Barcode for your Music?

We provide barcodes to music industry professionals. A barcode is the standard method of tracking digital and physical music sales. Nielson SoundScan reports your sales figures to the Billboard charts. So if you have dreams of topping the charts, the first thing you need is an official UPC barcode for your album or single, then […]
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Can I use these at Wholefoods?

Yes. Wholefoods requires one UPC barcode per product. Simply get a UPC Barcode through us, receive your 12-digit UPC barcode number assignment instantly and apply it to your product. Thereafter provide your company information to Wholefoods along with your product details and sell as a vendor with Wholefoods regionally and/or internationally. Ready to Buy Barcodes?  […]
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