GS1 has Renewal Fees does QualityUPC?

We specialize in provide an easy all-in-one solution for small businesses to get their products on the shelf. With the GS1 they charge a minimum of a $150 per year renewal fee. With our services our UPC Barcode are a one-time purchase only. There are no additional fees or taxes.   Ready to Buy Barcodes?  ║▌║█║▌
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Why Should I Buy from QualityUPC instead of GS1?

Our company specializes in providing UPC Barcode solutions to global small businesses. There are only two ways to legally acquire the use of a UPC Barcode. You can buy a UPC Barcode direct from a legitimate barcode reseller like us or rent a prefix from the GS1. Our inventory of UPC barcode numbers originate from GS1US (Previously called the UCC “Uniform Code Council”) before 2002 therefore, […]
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What’s the Difference GS1 vs Quality UPC?

A GS1 barcode is the exact same as a barcode you can purchase from our company. QualityUPC is a BBB A+ owned company that understands the needs of small business owners. We have barcode solutions both big and small that cater to our unique clients needs. We offer UPC barcodes solutions at a fraction of the cost with […]
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