GS1 UPC Codes

GS1 UPC Codes

We commonly have customers ask, “What’s the Difference Between GS1 UPC Codes and QualityUPC UPC Codes?

The answer is simple. There is no other difference, other than price. A GS1 barcode is the exact same as a barcode you can purchase from our company. QualityUPC is a BBB A+ owned company that understands the needs of small business owners, yet we also have the resources to fulfill the needs of our larger clients. We offer UPC barcodes solutions at a fraction of the price with no annual fees. GS1 barcodes provide prefixes and not only requires annual fees, but also bases your UPC barcode price off of your company’s revenue. The basic concept being: the more you make, the more you pay. Our authentic barcodes were purchased in bulk from GS1 prior to the litigation in 2002, therefore, we are able to resell them without having to require annual fees.


A single GS1 UPC is a minimum commitment of $250 with annual renewals.

A single UPC from us is $29.99 with no annual renewals.

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